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Month: April 2016

The Lean To The Left

People are leaning to the left these days because they feel like the system is rigged against them, and against the people. But “WE THE PEOPLE” has not really been tried in this country in the manner intended by those who penned those words. There are three key factors which cause people to lean left:   1. People no longer feel that they have a fair and free shot even if they follow the rules and work hard because they can see our economic stagnation has caused actual wages to stay steady while profits and wealth have increased and...

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Senator Cruz, Make America Prosper Again

Bill Collier- Senator Ted Cruz is a true blue conservative who has done a lot to push the conservative agenda. His platform and policy pursuits are, in my estimation, stellar. I want a Cruz win for the nomination and the White House. I have been repeatedly saying that Senator Cruz needs to sell his main asset, his prosperity plans, and stay focused on selling himself as the champion of popular prosperity. I believe that if Senator Cruz would get to a prosperity message, and truly inspire people, he can still win the nomination, though it is a tough mountain to climb.  This transition is not difficult for him to make because his platform already closely aligns with a prosperity agenda. If Senator Cruz can increase his overall poll numbers to 50% or more, pull off some big wins in the final days of the race, and forge alliances with the other candidates that have delegates they can swing his way, he has a chance. There is a slim, but narrowing,  chance for victory.  Based on that slim chance, I hope he gets this message and takes it as constructive criticism from “family,” as opposed to an attack by opponents.  The time to push forth a prosperity agenda is now…or never. In short, Cruz wants to be President and I want the same thing and for the same reasons: to make...

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The Arc Bends In Trump’s Favor

Bill Collier- The media and others are convinced: Trump is unstoppable. But is this really the case given how we’ve seen unreliable polling and how things have twisted and changed so rapidly? The key state is, or may be, California. California ballots are mailed in two weeks. 80% of CA voters choose by mail. Therefore in a very real sense the CA primary, which is an open primary, begins in two weeks. Kasich is relying on getting Democrats in LA and San Fransisco to vote for him, Trump is trying to get dems and independents to cross over and support hm, Cruz is focused on districts that are very conservative. Who has the ground game in CA and how do you get people to vote, considering 80% vote from home via the mail? Rallies, media, and internet ads are going to matter more than normal on the ground GOTV efforts. This favors Trump and Kasich but Cruz has shown himself to adroit online, just not great for rallies. Polling may not be extremely reliable. But neither Cruz nor Kasich can win the state overall, Trump is going to get the most votes of the three, and may reach 50%…but that is iffy. This is a race on a district-by-district basis and one wonders if any of the campaigns are doing solid internal polling on such a basis. Trump has...

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Why I Am Disappointed In Ted Cruz

By Bill Collier- From the start of the campaign I was excited for Ted Cruz. He made his announcement on March 15, 2015.  Technically he had already announced via a Tweet, but his speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg VA was the starting point. I followed his career as a Senator and was often inspired by his speeches. When I saw his actual plans….I was hopeful oh so hopeful, that we could get this man, the only rock-solid and straight down the line true conservative in the race, into the White House! No more backroom deals, no more insider...

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Why The Election of 1896 STILL Matters Today

By Bill Collier- Winning an election depends upon a mix of popularity, a well-run campaign built on sound strategy, and a willingness to do whatever is necessary. This must be coupled with a firm grasp of the best techniques, and technologies, to reach the right people at the right time. Finally, it depends on a mastery of narrative. This has been the genius of “the architect”, as some call him, Karl Rove. With his ground-breaking book, The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters, we gain deep insights into Rove’s genius, an important episode in...

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US Under Threat Of Saudi Economic Attack

This problem has been illustrated in profound ways by the American President’s trip to Saudi Arabia on April 20th.  He is expected to try to mend fences with the despotic salafist kingdom despite its possible role in sponsoring terrorism which may have benefited those who attacked Americans on September 11, 2001. At issue is an effort, and an unfulfilled promise, to release 28 pages of the 911 report which spell out suspicions that Saudi officials aided the 911 hijackers. This would be a crippling blow to Saudi prestige in the US and abroad and would sour the public even further against the despotic salafist kingdom. The timing of the President’s trip is disconcerting to many who see kowtowing to the Saudis at play here. This has been an ongoing problem since well before President Obama took office, but the President had promised to release the 28 pages. Those who felt that President (GW) Bush was too cozy with the Saudis have been let down by President Obama whose rhetoric has not matched his actions. The Saudis have been rather bald and open in their response to the mere “threat” of exposing possible terror ties. Adel al-Jubeir, their foreign minister, has literally threatened to unload as much as $750 billion in US assets, securities, and other holdings. He claims it would better to unload these assets rather than face any possible...

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