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Month: March 2016

Salafist Jihad In Brussels

W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr- The Salafists affiliated with the Sunni Salafist group known as ISIS have struck the main airport and in the subway in Brussels, both the capital of Belgium and the EU. The attacks, as of this writing, have killed at least 28 people and injured other. Multiple explosions at the airport and 3 explosions in the downtown metro occured outside of the security zones in a coordinated attack. The open borders policy in Europe, pushed especially by Germany’s Angela Merkel, and the influx of millions of Salafist leaning Muslims from the Middle East and Africa have led to a situation that is untenable for security. The population streaming from places like Libya and Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq leans heavily toward a Salafist version of Islam aligned with groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. There exists no credible way to screen these migrants to ensure that those who harbor Salafist views do not slip across the border where, instead of them becoming potential resources for terrorist attacks or the cause of crimes such as the mass assault on German women in Cologne during New Year’s Eve when 900 Salafist-leaning Muslim men sexually assaulted dozens of German women. Salafism, not Islam of which it is a bastardized derivative, is the bane of civilization and the failure of most Western Governments to differentiate between Salafo-Islam and modern Islam...

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I Am The Prosperitist!

Bill Collier Jr- I am the Prosperitist. Are you a Prosperitist too? A Prosperitist is someone who believes prosperity for everyone is possible and that creating an environment where people are free to prosper is a moral and ethical obligation incumbent upon all who hold a public trust. Prosperity is not “being rich”, it is being free to pursue your God or your conscience’s BEST for your life without dependence upon or subservience to others. Prosperity is huan dignity respected and advanced by ennobling people instead of holding them back or making them by artibtrary and unfair rules of rendering them dependent on other people. Prosperity has four pillars- economic growth in excess of population growth, peace and security at home and abroad, a sound money supply that is stable and isn’t easily manipulated, and good government that is both fair and efficient in every way. So we have economic growth, peace and security, sound money, and good government as the four pillars of prosperity. Prosperity levels inquealities naturally, giving all a chance to rise without artificial hindrances. Prosperity removes social and economic injustices: self-reliant people are not a prey to bigots and exploiters. Prosperity leads to freedom: self-reliant people won’t crave more government control or benefits when they do fine without both. It is for all of these reasons that the reds on the left and right oppose...

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The Red Conservative Rebellion

W. R. Collier Jr- The Red Conservatives are following Erick Erickson and his supporters into open rebellion against the Republican Party and possibly into the political wilderness. They are doing so because of disgust with Donald Trump and the Party shot callers who can be blamed for his rise. Back in 2004 I was arguing to friends that the Republican Party had 10-20 years or so before it would potentially go the way of the Wigs. I said this because of what I saw as a widening gap between the views and aspirations of the shot callers and movement conservatives. The shot callers not only have a more limited aspiration but they tend to read today’s polling data and trends as set in stone and irreversible. The movement conservatives tend to read polls and trends as fluid and reversible. The shot callers want to contain and reduce the size of government within “reason.” Movement conservatives want nothing less than a strict constructionist reading of the Constitution that reduces Federal power to a mere fraction of what it is now. Not only do movement conservatives want less government, they want and demand more growth: seeking 4% and 5% growth may be dismissed even by GOP shot callers who control the Party, but this goal is far more aspirational than settling for an anemic growth for the US economy of 2%...

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