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Month: January 2016

10 US Sailors In Iranian Custody

W. R. Collier Jr- BREAKING- 10 US Sailors In Iranian Custody- POSSIBLE SECRET NEW US NAVY BOAT MAY HAVE BEEN TAKEN Two US boats reportedly run aground on Iranian island due to mechanical failure, 5 sailors on board taken in custody by Iranians who promise to return boats and crews promptly. Among the sailors taken into custody are nine men and one women. Within 18 hours, at around 6 AM US Eatern on the 13th, it was reported the sailors were freed, but not the boats. SCROLL TO BOTTOM FOR UPDATES The incident was first reported to US Secretary of State John Kerry, at 12:30 PM on January 12, 2016, who called Iran’s Foreign Minister, a man who he is said to have warm relations with, and he was assured that the crews and vessels would be promptly reutrned. However, it was nearly 18 hours later that the sailors were freed while the boats remained in Iranian custody. The incident occured as the two small boats were patrolling the Persian/Arab Gulf near the Iranian held Farsi Island, which sits in the middle of the Gulf at the more northern end. The island holds a naval base from whence the Iranian Revolutionary Guards debauch often to harrass shipping and naval vessels. It is a 4.5 square mile island. According to reports, the two boats were on patrol when one or both experienced a...

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White House Rules On Guns Leaves Much To Interpretation

By W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr- With his January 5th announcement of “executive actions” regarding guns, President Obama offered a sometimes tearful defense of greater limits, common sense gun safety measures, on gun ownership, especially for criminals and people with mental illness. His proposal was presented as ensuring mentaly ill people do not obtain firearms and closing a loophole that allows people, he said, to buy arms online without a background check. The heart of his proposal comes down to allowing medical professionals to report patients whom they deem mentally unfit to the national criminal background check system and...

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