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Month: December 2015

Flash Report- Marks Brothers Restaurant on Fire

The Marks Brothers Restaurant in Mansfield, on Main Street, is reported to be on fire.  Fire departments, including Lawrenceville Fire Department, have been dispatched.  We will update this story as we get more news. Our on-scene reporter has counted 8 firetrucks at the location as of right now.  The battle goes back and forth as the firefighters appear to get an edge on the fire, only to see new flames emerge in a different place. At this point, the building appears to be a total loss, though that has not been confirmed. The town of Mansfield itself is covered with...

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The Saudi Morass In Yemen

By W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr. – Saudi Arabia’s defense budget has climbed up to around $63 billion, while revenue for the government has fallen from around $170 billion down to around $150 billion- this has caused the Saudis to run deficits, for the first time, to the tune of 20% of their GDP. While falling oil revenues are partly to blame, the shift to massive defense spending is largely owing to the morass that has come of the Saudi war in Yemen against the Houthis. One of the biggest gambles the newly minted King Salman has undertaken, concommitent with the war in Yemen, is a shift away from the massive subsidies provided to regular citizens to cover their water, oil, and electricity costs. A program of privatization and what is euphemistically referred to as “re-pricing”, could see costs shift away from government toward consumers. The retreat in oil prices, and therefore revenue, coupled with the skyrocketing costs of the war in Yemen, has led the king to take such measures, thus dangerously undermining one of the key props to Saudi power over much of the Arabian Peninsula. The war in Yemen is costing the Saudis diplomatically, as well as the UN, tentatively backed by the US itself in a volte-face from supporting the Saudi war, is looking into the 2700 plus civilian deaths since the war began in...

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Clean Tax Cuts For America

By W. R. (Bill) Collier Jr – A progressive and a conservative have begun serious dialogue for a proposal to give America Clean Energy Tax Cuts just might be the thing to jump-start the kind of energy prosperity and independence folks like myself have long advocated to make communities and individuals more energy independent and, therefore, more free and prosperous in general. This proposal, if it is adopted, would potentially demonstrate the efficacy of supply side economics in addressing problems while lowering the emissions some believe to be the cause of global warming- but significantly it would potentially pave the way for the kind of reforms that would make you and I more energy independent ourselves, free from the centralized production and control of energy which exists now. This shift in energy independence is good for the environment, the economy, and your freedom! The debate rages about clean energy, climate change, and the causes of climate change. But there are three things I believe are very important to remember, and keep focus on which I propose, should unify us all: Energy creation that is house portable and house affordable and that uses renewable sources increases our overall local and individual independence from the large-scale and centralized systems needed for generating energy from so-called fossil fuels Renewable energy that is clean will reduce pollution locally, and perhaps even globally, restoring a...

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