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Month: September 2015

Major Drug Bust Operations Ongoing in Tioga County

UPDATE:  So far, our efforts to try to confirm any involvement by any agent outside of local and state police has not been successful.  We have every reason to believe that no Federal agents from any agency were involved in this operation, though we are still not prepared to say agents from the Attorney General’s office were or were not involved. We will be doing a follow-up of this story after we talk to a  number of officials tomorrow. We are aware of the activity that was first reported in Elkland, and then reported in additional locations in Tioga...

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They Hate Us for Our Free Stuff

Paul Gordon Collier- The men with the black flags, and the women who love to be sold by them, revealed back in February of this year they were gonna send like a gazillion dudes to Europe to unleash chaos.  Thank GOD they didn’t carry through with that…wait…what…refugee crisis?  Nothing to see here folks, keep yourselves moving on.  Ain’t no way a JV team could have orchestrated something so complex as that.  Our Barry O assures us of that! From ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a ‘psychological weapon’ in chilling echo of Gaddafi’s prophecy that...

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Don’t Call the Cops, say the Champions of Women

Paul Gordon Collier- That’s right, the War on Women warriors, that is, the ones defending the ladies from the war being fought against them by anyone not a progressive, are bemoaning a possible passage of a law that might require the Fuzz to show up when rape is reported in college campus. The defenders of women’s liberty argue that calling cops…who am I kidding?  There’s no argument here they could possibly make.  This is just about allowing anhyone and everyone to accuse anyone and everyone of anything and not get themselves some good old Merican Due Process. From

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? A Red Dragon

Paul Gordon Collier- The Red Dragon’s Premiere Dragon is coming to the White House on September 25th.  By then, the whole Shemitah thing should have passed so he’ll probably be ok travelling to the good old US of A.  I wonder if El Hefe Dragon and Barry O will discuss their secrets for controlling the masses.  Those two boys, when they get together! from The president will hold a state dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, on the evening of Sept. 25, after a ceremonial arrival on the South Lawn in the morning...

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Sherman’s March to the BLM

Paul Gordon Collier- You loved him when he dissed the 9ers.  You hated him when he got that INT against your team, but now, you gotta love Richard Sherman, full time footballer and part time rabble rouser.  Seems he does NOT like the Black Lives Matter movement and had a few choice words for this peace-loving group, most of which we’d have to put those cartoon asterik thingies on.  The gist of it is this- Sherman don’t like your hatin’ on folks, so knock it off, or he won’t share YOUR hand at the end of the game either....

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We hold these Truths, to be other Countries’ Laws

Paul Gordon Collier- That’s right folks, when you’re called upon to be the supreme law of the land, as those fun-loving 9 black robes, aka the Supreme Court gang, is called to do, why bother actually using the law of the land when you can go ahead and use OTHER COUNTRIES’ laws?  This is why we pay Justice Stephen Breyer the big bucks.  Bill Clinton, who appointed this ‘other countries’ laws’ justice, has a real eye for talent.  I could say more on Bill Clinton’s eyes for stuff, but Hillary is standing over me asking if I know how...

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The Refugee Crisis- Balancing Humanitarian Aid with Protection

From the World Freedomist, Bill Collier gives us an analysis of the dilemma of aiding people in need with the real security risks of inviting tens of thousands of people in your country, some of which may be coming in to do you harm. Refugees Versus Security Bill Collier- The surge of refugees from Syria and Northern Iraq into Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and central Europe has caused alarm bells to ring around the world. The chief concern, and suspicion, has come from the fact that over 70% of all those claiming to be refugees are, apparently, well fed, strapping...

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