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Month: May 2015

Tories Win Upset In UK, Polls Wrong

By Bill Collier- The polls could not have been more wrong. Ed Milliband’s Labour Party and David Cameron’s Tories (Conservative Party) were, according to polls, in an extremely tight race in which the Conservatives were predicted to receive 269 of the 650 seats in Parliament and Labour were expected to receive 246 seats. But, as it turned out, the polls were off by quite a bit. The Tories secured 327 seats, needing a 326 seat majority to form a single Party government or a multi-party majority. The former coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, fell from 56 seats down to 8 seats. Labour received only 232 seats. Most telling was the fact that the UK Independence Party (UKIP) received only one seat, despite doing so well in the European Parliament elections, while the Scottish National Party, an ultra-left Scottish nationalist party, seems to have swept every seat in Scotland, or all but 2, with 56 seats. Other Parties totalled 23 seats. So, for now, Cameron’s Tory government can, and likely will, dispense with its coalition partner, the Liberal Democrats. As a result of the drubbing at the polls, the UKIP’s Nigel Farage, the Liberal Democrat’s Nick Clegg, and Labour’s Ed Milliband have all resigned as the heads of their respective Parties. Milliband had been so confident of victory, with a coalition government which might have included Labour and the Liberal...

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