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Month: January 2015

Sell Guns Online

Sell Guns Online- A Brief Guide- STAFF Selling guns online in America can seem quite daunting to some people, What are the legal issues, how to you ship  them, how do people pay for guns online, and how can you be sure you are not running afoul of the law? One site where selling guns online is simple, and the whole management of the site is quite to deal with, is “Gun Palace”. In addition to a great name, users find the interface to be very user friendly and other users to be helpful. Gun Palace is an a gun...

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Salafist Assault In Paris- 12 Dead

Bill Collier Jr- The salafist assualt on the offices of a satirical French newspaper in Paris were designed to send a message- if you slander the Prophet Mohamed or even any Salafist organization, such as ISIL, we will find you and kill you. And for them to “slander” their Prophet is to simply deny that he is a prophet, as Christians must necessarily do. During the attack, two police officers, the newspaper editor, eight journalists, and a cartoonist, were killed. The 3-man assault team were wearing uniforms that matched and were using automatic AK-47 assault rifles (not the civilian weapons misnamed as “assault rifles” by anti-self defense media pundits and politicians). (It is possible these were semi-auto AK-47’s as our analysis is based only on video snippets). These weapons are illegal in France, which has tough anti-self defense laws aimed at creating a largely disarmed populace. The attackers also had possession of an RPG of Russian manufacture. The deadly assault is all the more stunning because, despite the presence of guards on site and the rapid arrival of police (two of whom were killed, one caught on camera pleading for his life being before executed) the assault team were able to escape from the scene and remain at large. A car fire, or explosion (it is not clear which), in front of a Jewish synagogue a few miles from...

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Why Boehner and McConnell Should Step Aside

By Bill Collier Jr- The conservative base of the GOP wants Boehner and McConnell, the respective GOP heads of the House and Senate, to go. They want them to go because the base believe these men, indeed the entire leadership of the GOP, are quislings at the helm selling their soul to special interests on a number of issues, including the Affordable Care Act (so-called Obamacare) and “Immigration Reform”. The conservative base feel un-represented in DC and they are, as Democratic pollster Pat Cadell has claimed, “ready to bolt the party.” Average Americans do not closely follow the minutae...

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