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Month: December 2014

SPECULATION- Obama May Recognize Palestinian State

Bill Collier- Rumors are circulating that President Obama may unilaterally authorize the State Department to extend “some level of recognition” of a Palestinian State in a move not unlike the sudden reversal of US policy regarding Cuba. In that move, the President worked for over a year without disclosing his intentions to ANY member of Congress and it is believed that a similar approach is being taken with regard to the Palestinian bid for statehood. This effort would receive the blessings of John Kerry although many Democrats, who receive millions of dollars in campaign donations from Jewish sources, could...

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The White Guilt Lie

By Bill Collier- Opinion- It’s all the rage. Whenever you do something a partisan class don’t like, they throw up something your ancestors allegedly did and accuse you of being a racist. Now Notre Dame has a seminar on white guilt. Meanwhile, as amnesty for illegal border crossers is debated, some say white people are hypocrites because of alleged abuses by their ancestors of Indians (Native Americans). What is not seen is a PROPER response, a response that says, “none of these accusations and none of this guilt nonsense matters.” We can resort to the Word of God, the...

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Blacklash And Whitelash Fomented From Ferguson

Bill Collier- Officer Darren Wilson did not give a “a death sentence for petty robbery” as some who many see as race-baiters are saying. He was shot by a police officer who claims that this young man was threatening his life. A death sentence occurs when a court find someone guilty and passes a sentence. When an individual defends themselves, whether as a cop on the beat or a home owners facing an intruder, the death caused by their action is considered an act of self-defense. But as “blacklash” aimed at whites and cops is fomented by the likes of Al Sharpton and, some argue, the President himself, some fear the “whitelash” that will follow as angered whites, and cops, decide to push back against what they see as a libelous narrative that paints them ALL as criminals, racists, or jst inferior people from a moral perspective. The real issue in this particular case is whether the officer acted in self-defense and the Grand Jury decided that he was, or at least that they could not indict him. Mike Brown is being made the new “hero” of the so-called “civil rights” movement, a movement that some argue is now demanding “special rights” for black criminals. The real issues in general are¬†whether or not our police forces have non-lethal alternatives and whether or not there is an embedded prejudice against...

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