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Month: October 2014

Doom and Gloom Stalk The Land

If you take the “typical” American of statistical probability, you have someone who identifies themselves as Christian by religion, you have someone who believes in marriage between a man and a woman, you have someone who wants limited government and respect for ALL of the Bill of Rights. For this average American, the news on every front is alarming. Islamic terrorism, including such lone wolf attacks as Fort Hood, in Ottawa, and recently the hatchet attack in New York City, continues even as the current US Administration refuses to even call these attacks terrorism, let alone Islamic terrorism. This...

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Canada Under Attack

October 22, 2014- OPINION AND ANALYSIS provided By William R Collier Jr- What began as reports of a gunman leaping from a car and shooting two guards at the Canadian War Memorial in Ottawa has become a story of multiple attackers disrupting life in the nation’s capital. But police revealed late that night that this was, “a lone wolf act of terror.” Canada was under attack as police and paramilitary, along with armored vehicles, ranged the streets looking for “multiple shooters.” A shooter described as having long hair and carrying a long gun, exited a vehicle and “slowly but...

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Corbett’s Education Budget Cuts- Fact or Fiction?

Tom Corbett cut education spending by $1 billion, or so the Wolf Campaign has been alleging in a series of campaign ads. Our local news outlet, The Tioga Freedomist, recently did an in depth study of these claims and found that the numbers do not add up. Read the excerpt of the report, then be sure to read the full report at

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Economic and Political Balkanization

National News Analysis and Opinion by Bill Collier- America is facing a new type of Balkanization. The term itself aptly refers to the divisions within the Balkans, a region in southeastern Europe centered on the former Yugoslavia, that have led to major conflicts. Indeed, World War One was sparked by a Balkan conflict. During Balkanization is single state or national people become divided into separate camps who won’t even talk to each other, thus leading to division and conflict within a nation. Today’s Balkanization comes in a more subtle form and, while it is not widespread, it is taking root. It comes in the form of individuals, even business establishments, choosing whom they will buy from on the basis of their politics, religion, or lifestyle choice. In the past I myself have been told “I can’t advertise with your company, because of this or that politcal view.” (I have been accused of being too conservative and of not being conservative enough over the years.) I have heard people say “I won’t go in there because the owner is (gay, Muslim, conservative, liberal).” There’s even an app for that: both liberals and conservatives have apps that tell them a business or an organization’s political donation history, so they can evidently stick with “their own kind.” When you make an economic decision, where to buy an ad (which our company sells),...

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