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Month: September 2014

Scottish Independence Day Or UK Re-Affirmation Day?

UPDATED – SCROLL DOWN FOR LATEST 4:53 PM- Turnout for the Vote is upwards to 90% in many locales, an historic, all-time high! While many gaming and betting sites are betting that the NO vote stands a 70% chance of winning, doubts have been raised about the veracity of the polling behind those estimates. 5:00 PM- POLLS HAVE CLOSED- it is now 10 PM in Scotland and polls are closed in this historic vote. 5:15 PM- YES supporters sounding less confident and NO supporters sounding more confident as votes are being counted. But after the vote, Scotland will be a nation divided and how will the rift be healed. Rumors are circulating of British Ministers in London breathing a sigh of relief. 5:31 PM NO vote supporters- “Wouldn’t be surprised if there is a 10-point spread for the NO vote.” But the problem is, that “DEVOMAX” is favored by a vast majority of the Scots, and DEVOMAX is virtually independnce in all but name with a vastly reduced role for Westminster in Scottish affairs. This cry “DEVOMAX” could become a rallying cry for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as well and would substantially changed the very nature of the UK. Indeed’ “DEVOMAX” could beome a rallying cry for American States who are tired of the concentration of powers in the hands of 545 key leaders in DC over the...

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Save The Union!

Elites scramble- in England the elite are scrambling. The “Better Together” campaign has enlisted the help of ex-PM Gordon Brown who rolled out a series of, well, desperate promises to give Scotland everything short of independence if they vote no on September 18th. Here’s the problem- the offer only reminds the Scots of how for many decades all their appeals to Westminster to give Home Rule to Holyrood within the Union have been rebuffed. Indeed, all throughout the period when the Better Together campaign seemed to be on top in the polls, no such promises were forthcoming. Better Together’s appeal appears to be negative. It amounted to threats that the Scots would lose the Pound and a whole rash of bad consequences, some of which, like the Pound, would be punitive acts by an angry England. This was hardly the way to woo voters. Throughout Scotland’s schools, being for Independence is “cool”, and nobody wants to be seen with a “NO” sticker or button. In a vote which, astonishingly, gives the vote to anyone 16 years and older, this is far more significant than pollsters and pundits might even now understand. In the streets, the YES crowd are fond of pelting eggs and hurling insults at the NO crowd, and nobody seems interested in stopping this. Indeed, it must be noted, the Scottish government is fully behind the YES...

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Russo-Ukraine War Update

While this new war is undeclared and while the invasion of the eastern Ukraine by 20,000 or so Russian troops has been tentative, this is in fact a war between Russia and the Ukraine. Much could be said about the history behind this conflict, how the Russian nation had its start in the Ukraine, how the Russians do not trust, or fear, the West, and how the Ukrainian nation identity has itself been rather weak in the past. Indeed, a valid question has been- “what is the cultural difference between the Ukraine and Russia?” But national identity is an evolving thing and we are witnessing the emergence of a new and more vital Ukrainian national identity, spurred on by the current conflict. The mixing of the Russian ethnic population and the Ukrainian ethnic population means that the separation process could be ugly, pitting husbands and wives against each other. Putting all that aside, the current war is real and it is threatening to escalate dramatically. Wars do not follow logic, they are not based on what we, sitting at home in our living rooms, might think is reasonable and logical. They often happen quite unintentionally, escalating each step of the way insensibly, as if the conflict itself has a mind of its own. Indeed, conditions on the ground in the eastern Ukraine are being set as much by unofficial...

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