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Month: June 2014

The Fall of Iraq?

WORLD NEWS Opinion/Analysis By William R. Collier Jr.- While most Western Media refer to radicals who wish to impose a socialist theocracy under the banner of Islam as “Jihadists”, the proper word is Salafist, and MANY earnest Muslims throughout the world, and the Middle East, are as alarmed at the rise of Salafism as anyone else in America. The creation of a Salafist Sunni proto-state in northern Syria and north-western Iraq is not the only problem that the now FAILING Iraqi state is facing. Reading Arabic press in Arabic, rather than English language news from Arab sources, one learns more about the true nature of what is happening in Iraq. The emergence of tribal militias, which had been largely curtailed prior to the precipitous withdrawal of US forces from Iraq in 2011, and the rise of a proto-state among the Kurds in north-eastern Iraq are among the problems faced by Baghdad. Regional powers are clearly alarmed, and the conflicting interests between them are far too complicated for any simple explanation. There are the interests of the central government, the Kurds and their proto state, the Shia, the Sunni, the Salafist militants and their proto-state, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States. There are not “two sides”, there are at least half a dozen “sides”, and alliances are shifting in bewildering ways. As a “for instance”, the Iranian government, concerned about...

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