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Month: March 2014

General War Warning: Europe

By William R Collier Jr War warning Europe. That might sound incredibly sensational and unbelievable, but the calculus being employed by the Russians and the Europeans right now are both based on such faulty logic as to make the potential for a general European war possible. The European calculus is to assume that the inter regnum period after the falll of the USSR represents a true and lasting world order, a condominium built on globalist economics and collective security backed by “the sole remaining superpower”, America. This calculus sees all bellicose rhetoric as mere postering, jockying for a better bargaining position on the world stage. When the Russians talk of their own “Drang Nach Westen” it is dismissed as not being a serious literal threat: perhaps, the calculus predicts, they want a better trade deal with the EU or more favorable terms with the IMF, but raw nationalistic, jingoistic imperialism, why, that is so “18th century”! As for the Russian calculus, they have deduced that Europe is stuck in the mire of their myth of the 21st century, their false belief that we are “beyond” a ground war in Europe, their belief that their US/Western “condominium” is invincible “because of trade ties”. The Russians calculate that Europe will not fight, even if and when Russians focres debauch from Crimea, the East, and from the West in Moldova into the...

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Russian Imperialism Threatens Her Neighbors

OPINION BY William R Collier Jr The Russian Bear is aggresive, imperialistic, and totalitarian. It would seem that history has demonstrated that the Russian Civilization has only ever been animated by these anti-values, and today these “values” are on full display regarding the rape of Crimea. Apologists for the rape of Crimea allege this or that historical tie to the strategic peninsula. While if indeed the Russian majority or the heirs of the native Tartar minority were being abused or if their aspirations for reunion with Russia or independence were genuine and ignored we would be sympathetic and we would be speaking of Ukrainian intolerance. But no such abuse by Ukrainian authorities has ever been cited or proven, and prior to the arrival of Russian troops (sans insignia), only 40% of the population had favored either independence of union with Russia. To use what may be legitimate grievances or historical ties as cover for raw imperialistic ambition is an insult to such geniune grievances. It is not unreasonable for the Tatars and ethnic Russians in Crimea to forge a new nation, with the other ethnicities, that embodies their aspirations, but that is not the issue here: the real issue is and remains Russian imperialism. In 1994 Russia, the US and the UK obliged themselves to protect Ukrainian sovereignty over ALL of its territory and all agreed as to what...

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Dems Turn On Obama Over Ukraine

The reliably progressive Democratic Senator Chris Coons, who defeated Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell in the 2010 election, is turning on his President over Obamacare. Senator Coons, at a pro-Israel gathering, told his audience that the Russians invaded Ukraine because the President was not decisive in responding to the emerging Russian threat.

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Correcting Obama….Again….

When President Barack Obama lambasted Mitt Romney’s claim that Russia was a central geo-political concern for America, all of the media fell in line with this narrative. It contributed to discrediting Mitt Romney’s foreign policy acumen and elevated the President’s. As it turns out, the President was dead wrong:

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Unrest Could Strike In Connecticut

Residents of the US state of Connecticut are outraged about a new plan set forth by authorities (as evidenced by letters sent to gun owners) to begin a door to door gun confiscation program after the state’s legislature allegedly, according to some citizen groups, “nullfied the second amendment” which many see as an inviolate standard or right to own firearms for self-defense, including defense against their government.

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