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Month: November 2013

Iran Nuclear Deal Reached

IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL REACHED- we are awaiting details and making calls to our own sources on the details of a deal with Iran that will see sanctions eased in exchange for promises of a limitation of some kind on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. This deal occurs as the Israeli government has declared that it is not bound by any such deal and will use force if they believe the Iranians are close to┬áproducing a nuclear weapon. Before being elected in 2008 President did promise that he would sit down with Iran on an unconditional basis and he has followed...

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LAX Under Attack- Multiple Injuries

LOS ANGELES William Raymond Collier Jr According to reports, an off-duty TSA agent, or someone affiliated with the TSA, attacked TSA agents at a security check point at terminal 3 in LAX, the Los Angeles Airport. CBS reports that a Federal official is denying that the attacker was in any way connected to the TSA. There are reports that the attacker may have been killed. The attacker reportedly yelled angrily as he shot at TSA agents who fled, ahead of the crowds of passengers, and, regretably one “TSO” (Transportation Security Officer) was reportedly killed and a “handful” were injured....

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