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Month: August 2013

Journalistic Integrity- Progressive Style!

Brent Bozell exposes the sycophancy of the progressive agit prop media once again, highlighting the congratulatory, worshipful tone of dames Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill of PBS when interviewing their master, Barack Hussein Obama.
What’s missing is a challenge to some of the dangerous narratives this ideologue is spewing out. At one point in the interview, Obama likens the conservative resistance to his attempt to murder the Republic to the resistance in the 1960s by true racists against ending truly unjust, racist laws in the South known as the “Jim Crow Laws”.
Only this President is not trying to end truly unjust, racist laws, but trying to create freedom-killing, progressive empowering, individual crushing laws and regulations. Needless to say, Woodruff and Ifill had no problem with this race-baiting, violence inducing rhetoric coming from our “American” President. Perhaps we should call Obama and the progressives AINOS, Americans in Name Only.

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State Invades Church……Again

Here is documented proof the Progressives are aligned more with Papist Christendom than George Washington. It seems, like the Papists of the 13th century (talk about regressive!), that the government is moving toward licencing religious activities. Here is a story about government forcing a church to get a licence to conduct Baptisms. Believe us yet about the true nature of Anti-American, Anti-Christian progressivism?

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The Doctrine of Hate, as told by Che

Here is a quote from Che Guavara created as a Facebook meme. The narrative should be similar to what you see coming from progressives today. They will not overtly say what Che said, but their fruit shows this ideal based on hate is the truth of their ways. Without hate, they cannot isolate and destroy the opposition to their collectivist utopian dreams:

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Being All You Can Be

The forgotten call to be excellent beyond your own abilities- I joined the army in 1987 and never made it out of Basic Training- I had major problems passing the firing range tests (as in, couldn’t pass them)- my instructors did everything to help me pass the test, including giving me tons of ammo to just fire away- never came close- long story behind that connected to my double vision I’ve had all my life- but- though I did not get through, I passed everything else in Basic Training.

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