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Month: July 2013

The Roadblock to “Progress”- Freedom and Liberty

The Bill of Rights relies on individuals being free to choose and live virtue. The Progressive Bill of Rights relies on coercion to demand conformity to their concept of the collectivist virtue. The Bill of Rights is built on a need to be free to live out our faith, or not live out a faith at all. The Progressive Bill of Rights coerces us to follow a faith in collectivist man and the leaders of the evolving Collectivist expression of man’s perfection.

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IRS Caught Trying To Impede Fair Elections In Delaware

In this story, a ‘rogue’ IRS operative appears to have used their position of public trust to willfully and with malice damage a citizen of these United States who was running for public office. In the scenarious to come, should the IRS become the enforcer of Obamacare, and should the Obamacare army of unelected and unscreened ‘administrators’ gain access to our personal healthcare records, more overt violations of our individual liberties guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights will surely follow.

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The Rage They Inflict

The pent-up rage may be a classic case of Progressive misdirection, rage fueled by the Progressive Press and the President himself who have promoted a false narrative that a white guy was racially motivated to kill an inocent black kid for no reason. The evidence and the truth just don’t back up this false story, false in every detail, but that hasn’t stopped the Progressive propaganda machine from spreading it and inciting violence.

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The Zimmerman Narrative- Marketing Hate for the Good of the Whole

This is a case of the overreach of government in the name of satisfying the mob. This is a case of racial hatred, on the part of progressive blacks, being used to blackmail, manipulate, and conveniently serve to empower black progressive allies, the whole of the progressive movement, which seeks to end the American standard of individual liberty and replace it with the state protection of all, by any means necessary, for the good of the whole.

It is the story of one man whose 5th amendment rights were violated, George Zimmerman, and the endemic corruption in this country, from local to national, from government to media, all complicit in the destruction of many lives and the work by our own government to incite people to violence.

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