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Month: February 2013

Conservative Victory Project- the NRO Interview Buckley would Hate

It is unconscionable that William F Buckley’s publication would endeavor so aggressively to legitimize and attempt to rehabilitate the reputation of this conservative-hating organ ironically called “Conservative Victory Project”. It is a violation of basic journalistic integrity that the interviewer, Jim Geraghty, would fail on any major point to hold Law up to the scrutiny he should have been held up to, that Geraghty didn’t even ask Law ONE QUESTION about the Collegio affair.

Instead, Geraghty created a puff piece for the purpose of legitimizing and holding the water of ‘one of their own’. He played the part of any of the reporters from 60 minutes interviewing Barack Obama, played here by Steven J Law, the Karl Rove proxy.

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Rove’s Checkered Past Revisited

Karl Rove’s latest Tea Party kerfufel should not be news to anyone who was reading The Freedomist back in 2010. We broke the story in September 2010 of how Karl Rove came to Delaware before the 2010 primary that pitted democrat, er, ‘republican’ Mike Castle against Christine O’Donnell. Rove came to Delaware with money and a proposal to the Tea Party folks in Delaware- the proposal? If the Tea Party would agree to not support Christine O’Donnell against democrat, er, “republican” Mike Castle, then Karl Rove’s PAC would give them money for other worthy causes. The Tea Party refused.

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