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Month: July 2012

Bill Collier back on Jansing & CO

Editor Bill Collier To Appear Again On MSNBC   By Paul Collier- Tioga Freedokist Editor Bill Collier is going to appear again on the Jansing and Company program at 10:30 AM on July 19, 2012. Bill will be discussing Sarah Palin and what her role should be at the GOP convention this year in light of rumors that the Romney campaign is freezing her out of the convention. Our national news site, Freedomist.com is known for covering these types of stories and has been quoted from by major personalities including Mark Levine and Rush Limbaugh as well as other...

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Real Health Care Reform

Real health care reform should involve: 1. Stopping the restriction on Americans from buying health care insurance or assurance from outside their state 2. Protecting American’s right to buy health care insurance or assurance as individuals 3. Protecting Americans’ right to buy insurance as they see fit, including only catastrophic care 4. Requiring direct payment by patients with costs fully disclosed by providers and rebates to the insured for getting better prices 5. Removal of all money spent on health care from consideration as earned income for the purpose of determining tax rates 6. Creation of a national health...

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Romney-Rice 2012

Reading the proverbial political tea leaves, in light of the Drudge red letter update, I am predicting Condoleezza Rice gets the stamp of approval from Romney’s wife. Romney’s wife is not a show pony, she’s active, engaged, and has strong opinions, and more than a little horse sense. Rice is respectable, smart, and will likely excite many voters, including independencts and conservatives. Liberals will hate anyone who runs. I think Rubio or Demint would be great picks, I still wish Palin was on the ticket at the top, but Rice would be a bold, surprising, but not really risky move- just up Romney’s alley! Posted from WordPress for...

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Section 100122 of Highway Bill Blocks Roll Your Own Cigarettes

If you roll your own cigarettes to avoid the high taxes on cigarettes, the 2012 Highway Bill has a provision tucked inside that is meant to essentially deem small tabacco shops that offer roll-your-own supplies as “manufacturers.” This provision would potentially force up to1,000 shops to shut down and force everyone who smokes to rely on expensive cigarettes. While anti-smoking activists applaud the rule, along with many Tabocco companies who compete with the roll-your-own providers, critics are wondering how this matter was inserted, unbeknownst to everyone but the staff who inserted it, into a highway bill. The inclusion of non-related items in otherwise popular or vital bills is a tried and true method of getting something that might be unpopular by itself to be passed. Roll-your-own activists are demanding repeal and lobbying President Obama to agree not to enforce this section. Posted from WordPress for...

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Rangel Primary Win Questioned

Adriano Espaillat is alleging that Charlie Rangel’s primary win in New York’s 13th Congressional District may in fact be based on fraud and voter suppression. Espaillat trails the 42 year veteran Congressman by 2.6% according to vote tallies but Espaillat’s campaign is demanding both a recount and a Federal investigation into their allegations of voter suppression. According to report, numerous Hispanic voters were given provisional paper ballots instead of being allowed to vote in the normal manner and, it is alleged, those ballots were not actually counted. While some consider these accusations to be sour grapes by the losing side, others take the allegations seriously as, regardless of their merit, failure to address them could undermine public confidence in the electoral process. Espaillat also alleges that his campaign was not given an adaquet opportunity to monitor the vote counts and is demanding that, during a recount (which they are demanding) there will be adaquet monitors from both campaigns. While less than 1.000 votes separate the two men and while Espaillat had conceded the race, at least 6% of the vote has yet to be counted. Posted from WordPress for...

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Land Hurricane Smacks Mid-Atlantic

People in the Mid-Atlantic region, from Maryland through DC to Virginia and West Virginia suffered a string of storms with high winds. The “land hurricane” came out of nowhere and left about 3 million people without power initially in sweltering high temperatures with high humidity. Currently, as of this writing, about 1 million people are still without electricity. Especially hard hit is DC itself which, last night, June 30th into July 1, was shrouded in darkness. As an aside, political campaigns, including both Romney and Obama, continued to crank out fund-raising emails to people hard-hit by the storms causing many to be offeended. The Romney camp sent out one email while the Obama campaign sent out two emails. People running for Congress, Senate, and State offices also sent fund-raising emails. In DC as many as 789,000 were without power, half are still without power, and much of the federal government’s buildings in the city remain without external power, though on-site generators are keeping vital areas powered. In some locations, gas stations are without gas and people have to drive out of the area to get fuel. People are gathering at local restaurants of places like Starbucks or at cooling stations and pools to beat the head: many are posting online after connecting to the web via local coffee shop that still have power and are posting pictures. If you...

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