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Month: May 2012

Madeleine McAulay and the call to serve God or Manna

As you are reading this, you may be thinking I am talking about the struggle between the progressive ‘trolls’ as they are commonly being called, and the innocence of a young girl boldy proclaiming her voice, standing up for Godly principles. Or, if you are of a different political persuasion, I might be describing the battle between decency and common sense and the bigotry of a naïve, ignorant girl who does not understand the hate she is spewing.

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The War On Freedom Documented- Freedom Watch May 15, 2012

The ‘Gay’ Assault On Your Freedom The efforts by the so-called “Gay Lobby” to impose their agenda may be disguised as a bid for equal rights, but the reality is that their version of equality makes some more equal than others. They do not allow for the exercise of free association, they deny the rights of free speech against dissenters, they deny parental rights, and they deny the right of self-determination for communities and states. In short, they use their claim to want freedom as a means of denying freedom to others. To be clear, everywhere “Gay Marriage” is accepted or imposed against the People’s will by judicial fiat, the result is a loss of freedom for everyone who believes that homosexuality is not a right, but a wrong. Efforts to marginalize, vilify, demonize, and otherwise discriminate against or persecute those who speak out against homosexuality on moral or any other grounds are proof enough of the anti-freedom agenda of the ‘Gay’ Lobby. The current President, in advocating for ‘Gay’ Marriage (and in framing the debate in the absolutist terms of intolerance for all who disagree) is joining in the crusade against the freedom of all Americans who still believe that 6,000 plus years if human civilization teach us that marriage between one man and one woman is natural, normal, and most healthy and that ANY OTHER ARRANGEMENT is...

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