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Month: March 2012

Freedom Watch- @freepaulcollier- 3-12-12- Progressives Declare Open Civil War- Egypt wants Sinai- No cross at work- prog death doctrine- buddhist wants communion- Paul Collier

Progressives inch closer to Civil War – The progressive actions to manipulate advertisers, from without and from within, to stop airing ads on conservative talk radio shows is inching this nation towards ever more clearly defined, unbreachable lines between the progressive godless idealogues and the Freedomists of Liberty- will this nation careen towards Civil War within the next 20 years?-

Egypt’s Sinai demands- While playing the role of mediator in the Israel-Hamas dispute, Egypt has thrown their own demand into the mix- give us back the Sinai- the ever-increasingly Muslim Brotherhood ruled nation seems as if it is preparing to go to war with Israel-

The cross that got her fired- A woman wearing a cross to work in England is fired, and the courts ok the move-

The progressive doctrine of death defended at all cost- The progressive case for abortion reveals its ungodly principles on human life, that all life is only valuable insofar at is viable, economical, and benefits the whole-

Prog Buddhist Lesbian gets Priest suspended- How a progressive, Buddhist Lesbian got the Catholic Church to acquiesece to her godless demands and suspend a priest for refusing to offer communion to someone who is openly against Christ Himself

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God in Politics- from @paulcollier – 3 -12-12 – Lesbians rule Priest- A New Iran- State coerced gay marriage- cross bans at work- progressive death doctrine

The power of Lesbians over the Church – How the Catholic Church caved to the power of a Buddhist Lesbian and suspended a Priest to please her and her godless constituents-

Muslim Brotherhood’s emerging power- Soon, the world may have a second Iran in the form of a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt-

Pastors, marry gay people- or else- What’s coming to England could be coming to a church near you in the not-so-distant future-

The cross could get you fired in the UK- How wearing a cross to work in England might get you fired, and the courts would be ok with that-

The viability doctrine of progressivism- Will the values of progressivism prevail in the assessment of the value of life itself? Comparing godly values with the progressive assessment of viability and efficiency-

Truancy charges don’t stick- How one School District tried to shut down a Homeschool family using truancy laws..and failed

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Freedom Watch from @freepaulcollier – 3-8-12- Localism- Bell’s Bomb- Mitchell’s pass- NPR’s head burial

Back to our founding, the rise of localism- Call to revitallize the role and power of local government to check the Constitutional assaults by States and the Fed-

Worst than Jeremiah Wright? The Bell problem for Obama- Derrick Bell may be more of a hater than Jeremiah Wright, and more closely connected to the regulation king-

Race Hate progressive style is a’ok according to MSM- Andrea Mitchell gives anti-semite Derrick Bell a pass, because, after all, he’s the right kind of racist-

PBS’ Bell problem- PBS denies the importance of the now-shown hug between Obama and anti-semite Derrick Bell-

The NPR math- dozens over thousands, if they are the right (LEFT) dozens- NPR focuses on progressive dozens protesting Rubio but ignores thousands of Christians championing Life over the murder of the unborn

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God Watch- from @paulcollier – 3-8-12- Kentucky’s Freedom- PA’s Homeschool problem- NASA and ID- WI and Vouchers

Kentucky says no to Contraceptive Mandates – Kentucky is set to pass a Religious Freedom bill that will deny Obama and Sebelius the power to issue edicts that violate basic Constitutional Law-

Homeschool Family under the gun of Zealous School Super – An overzealous PA Superintendent is making up his own standards in bid to break up homeschool family-

NASA’s Intelligent Design Problem – NASA faces a lawsuit for firing an employee who supports Intelligent Design-

Wisconsin Gov wants your homeschool dollars- the Wisconsin Legislature wants to cut a budget loophole, defined as the money you would otherwise spend sending your kids to private schools or on homeschooling

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God Watch from @paulcollier – 3-6-12- Parental Sin- State murder- GOP chickens- BBC persecution

Gay Rights over Parents’ Rights- Canada laws shadowing the fascism to come in America as Canada moves to bar parents from teaching their children homosexuality is a sin-

Opening the door to infanticide- What started as “viability outside the womb’ is moving to ‘viability in the state’ and ‘parental comfort- the new standards of death-

GOP cowardice?- Will the GOP-majority house go forward with its investigation of Planned Parenthood or will the Christian voice for Freedom be ignored?-

Don’t speak well of Christ on the BBC- How the BBC is preparing England to openly persecute Christians

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Freedom Report from @freepaulcollier – 3 – 6- 12- Prog Gods- Public Progs- Fluking It

The Price for Progressive Idol Worship- How progressive definitions of ‘just economies’ define their godless idolotry of man-

Sepparation of Progressive and State – Public employee uses paid time to push progressive agenda online-

The Fluke that landed a Big Fish- The real Sandra Fluke and the progressive fishing expedition she was the worm for-

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