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Month: August 2011

Riding The Progressive Trojan Horse To Our Doom!

  The progressive Trojan Horse And Its TRUE Agenda William Collier  What you might hear referred to as the news media, the entertainment industry, and academia is better referred to for what it truly is: the Progressive Trojan Horse that is used to sneak in the progressive agenda for a God-free, state-controlled world led by an elite few who “know better” than us. Make no mistake; Progressivism is the 21st century’s greatest threat to freedom on the planet. In whatever guise you find it, Progressivism TAKES life, property, and freedom from everyone save those elite few at the top...

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Is Tim Pawlenty For Real?

The Minneapolis StarTribune ’s piece on presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty is the kind of story voters can expect to see at this stage in the presidential campaign. The story investigated the candidate’s health care stance, flip-flops and all.

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