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Month: February 2011

Muslims planning Israel Take-over

from There has been a great deal focus on the Muslim Brotherhoods plan to wage war on Israel if they take power in Egypt. Are Christians around the world the next enemies in the Muslims Brotherhood 100 year war to world dominance Join Jimmy …israel christians – Google Blog...

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A Freedomist DECLARATION of Independence

The Rise of the People and The Decline and Fall of the Political Class The following is an appeal to ALL freedom-minded Americans who believe in freedom based on voluntary godliness, individual and local self-reliance, and individual and local self-determination. In a nation where only 28% of the People believe their government has the consent of the governed, it is clear that the days of a free ride for the political class are running out. This appeal provides ideas an insights, we do not care if people use our terms or join our online groups or mailing list, we invite this but this is not about us. People need to realize that the Progressive War On Freedom is now in the street, it is being waged through the journolist media and unelected bureaucrats, and it is even being waged against parents in the classroom. Join THE FREEDOMIST COMMUNITY Never before in our nation’s history, not since the 1700’s, has the class of people who have the most reach, access, and control over wealth (whether private or public) been so far out of alignment with the consensus and interests of The People as it is now. THIS IS the reason why over 64% of American voters reject the very notion that “public employees”, who think they are the “new nobility”, should not even be organized as a “union.’ The...

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Scientist fired due to religious beliefs

From: Then well be talking to Steve Ham from Answers in Genesis about the recent stunt a few gay activists tried when they tried to crash an Answers in Genesis event and well also talk about Genesis and biblical revelation. Feb 17 2011.“christian media” events – Google Blog...

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Mike says no to “President Pence”

Recently, in a Facebook post, I weighed in to opine on the future of Mike Pence, writing: It will be a sad day for America – though a great day for Indiana – should Mike Pence choose to run for governor and not the presidency.  America needs Mike Pence…. The GOP field for 2012 is full of flawed and vulnerable candidates, weak leaders, and wishy-washy opportunists.  Pence is the man to DEFEAT Barack Obama.  Without him in the field, we may suffer Obama II. Now, having said that, I must confirm a sad day.  For Pence has announced he won’t run, a blow to the prospects of a Conservative POTUS.  Whether he’ll run for governor isn’t clear (Mitch Daniels is Article source:...

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Cathleen Falsani- Obama’s Christian Propagandist- Christian News

President Obama recently held a prayer breakfast, at which he proclaimed his faith to wild accolades from the so-called mainstream Christian media.  Many of these enthusiastic supporters of Obama as the nonpareil of a devout Christian are taking their lead from a leftist ideologue who uses the Word like liberation ideology uses the Word, to convince us that Jesus was a Progressive who would be for abortion, homosexual marriage, and government control of our lives.  That ideologue is Cathleen Falsani. Here is an excerpt from her article lauding the merits of the devout Obama, who pushes abortion paid by...

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