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note:  It has come to the Freedomist’s attention (thanks to the intrepid reporting of talking points memo writer, Rachel Slajda) that the document we have used to cite funding from the Executive Contingency Fund may or may not have an error on the line referring to a fashion show funded by the Executive Contingency Fund.  The bone of contention regards the number 5, indicating “53,000″ was spent by the fund for the fashion show.  There is a possible typo that may actually show $3,000 as the funded amount, instead of “53,000″.  Either way, if Chris Coons is using a contingency fund to pay for $53,000 for a fashion show, OR $3,000, while hiking taxes on property owners, it still shows his prevalence for taking from the middle class and the poor to fund his Elitist, crony, friends  Read the rest of the article below:

What would you say if your property taxes went up by 58% in three years, only to learn the person who raised your taxes used your money to fund a $50,000 fashion show and a swank $50,000 reception for the AFL-CIO, and a multi-million dollar government slush fund?  That’s what spending records for County Executive Chris Coons show that he has been doing with millions of dollars of taxpayer money.  One shudders to imagine how he would spend the billions of tax dollars he would have as a U.S. Senator

Christine O’Donnell’s opponent in the Delaware Senate race, Chris Coons, began his political life as the County Executive of New Castle County, a role he still fills even as he runs to become the next Senator of Delaware.  In that capacity as New Castle County Executive, Chris Coons ran up the New Castle County property taxes by 58% in only 3 short years.  So Newcastle County may be somewhat better off with Coons neglecting his duties to run full-time for higher office.

Here is just some of the evidence in black and white:

Screenshot of New Castle County’s Executive County Contingency Fund

Chris Coons raises taxes to fund fashion show

The whopping tax increases imposed by Coons help to explain why Wilmington’s unemployment is a staggering 30% higher than the national average.  Official statistics report that the high-tax/free-spending area has lost a staggering 8% of its jobs.  Chris Coons, himself a child of privilege, is a one man  weapon of mass jobs destruction.  The Freedomist hopes that Delaware won’t try to get rid of him by electing him to the US Senate and thereby impose this kind of level of job destruction and profligate spending on the entire nation.


Chris Coons, in an earlier life, before it became apparent that Gore-Tex would benefit from Cap and Trade, attacked Al Gore for the very thing he is now doing, pushing legislation to make money off of it

read more:

Perhaps stories such as these are the reason that Christine O’Donnell has begun to surge in the Delaware Senate Race.  The voters of Delaware don’t want to send another rich, fat cat Elitist who views public office as just an outlet for them, their family, and their crony friends to pad their own nests on the backs of working-class Americans.

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Chris Coons slams Gore 4 profiting on Cap and Trade, then follows suit #chris #coons #cap #trade #new #castle #delaware

Chris Coons attacks Al Gore 4 profiting on Cap & Trade, even as he follows suit #chris #coons #cap #trade #new #castle

Chris Coons ws against Cap & Trade B4 he wld make millions from it #chris #coons #cap #trade #new #castle #delaware #news

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Chris Coons’ father in law will make millions off cap and trade #chris #coons #cap #trade #new #castle #delaware #news

Chris Coons Cap & Trade windfall exposed #chris #coons #cap #trade #new #castle #delaware Chris Coons Cap and Trade winfall exposed- News Castle, Delaware News #news How Chris Coons will make millions on Cap and Trade from Father-in-law’s Gore-Tex company… #news Chris Coons was against Cap and Trade before he’d make millions if it passed- Delaware News #news Chris Coons attacked Al Gore for profitting on Cap and Trade, but now follows suit- Dela… #news

New Castle, Delaware News-Chris Coons Cap & Trade Scheme makes family wealthy #chris #coons #cap #and #trade #new #castle

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  3. Bob Zentrails says:

    Ja, sure there’s no difference between $53,000 and $3,000.

    They’re practically the same thing. Sure, ja.

  4. paulcollier says:

    Whether it was $53.,000 or $3,000, the principle is still the same:
    1. He spent thousands of dollars out of a ‘contingency’ fund for banquets, $50 to planned parenthoood, to what end?
    2. Why are you using a contingency fund to spend even $1 on a Fashion show, irregardless of what it is for?
    3. Why are you spending tax dollars on so many ‘non-essential’ ‘events’ (which belies what a contingency fund is for) during a time that you knew your budget was tanking AND you were raising the taxes of your constituents precipitously?
    You reverse robin hood elitists may not have a problem with govt funding of social events during times of economic crisis, but the Delaware Voters just might

  5. Mason says:

    3. Because that is what the fund is for:
    ‘The contingency fund, which has about $300,000 a year, is built into the county executive’s budget to pay for small expenses. According to the office’s spokeswoman, those include sponsorships of community events and fundraisers.’
    If you were an honest person you would just apologize instead of digging a deeper hole.

  6. paulcollier says:

    If the county has such a fund spending $300,000 for the purposes you just outlined, I’d say the Delaware Voters will want to know why such a fund exists. $300,000 a year could have saved how many jobs he slashed, how many services he cut in his desperate bid to keep his tanking budget from bellying up?

  7. Karl says:

    Thank you for pointing out that Coons’ “elitist friends” include at-risk youth in Wilmington.

  8. T says:

    Wow, you screwed the pooch on this one.

  9. Mark says:


    Sure am glad you caught this one. Why, just look at that sheet!

    Sisters on a Mission
    Brunch Fundraiser
    Coons using our tax dollars to back nuns!

    DE Breast Cancer Coalition
    Northern Lights of Life fundraiser
    Coons supports women with breasts! Obvious pornography pervert!

    Therapeutic Riding
    Annual Golf Tournament
    5600 ($600?)
    Riding means equestrian. Equestrians use illegal aliens. Coons wants to weaken our borders! Coons opposes strong national security!

    Latin American Community Center
    Grand Ball Sponsor
    Coons gives more money to “those” people! You know, the ones that are not like “us”. Coons backs illegal immigration!

    Autism Society of DE
    Autumn Auction
    Coons give our taxpayer dollars to some weak people who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. Coons endorses socialist health care!

    And that’s just the first five lines on the attached form!!!!!

    Why, Coons handed out our taxpayer money to the:

    Boys & Girls Club of DE – You know what happens when boys and girls get together! And when they’re apart: masturbation! Coons endorses teen pregnancy and sin!

    American Diabetes Association – Coons supports Obamacare!

    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority – Sororities exist on college campuses. College campuses are filled with elites. Coons backs elitism!

    Delaware State Bar Association – Coons helps lawyers. Like lawyers need more of our hard-earned money!

    DE and Delaware State Chamber of Commerce – Chamber gets money from China. China wants to destroy America. Coons opposes American exceptionalism!

    Churches Take a Corner – Yeah, I’ll bet. Coons backs non-Judeo-Christian religion!

    Martin Luther King Center – Coons gave money to “them”. They want more money. Coons supports reparations!

    DE Commission for Women – Coons doesn’t think women know their place. As Mama Grizzlies. Coons endorses the Equal Rights Amendment!

    Organization of Minority Women, Inc. – Coons give more of “our” money to “them”. And they’re women, too. Coons hunts Mama Grizzlies!

    William P. Frank Scholarship Fund – Scholarships pay for education. We don’t need no education. We just need more cost controls! Coons endorses runaway spending!

    United Cerebral Palsy of Delaware – Coons gives more of our excessive tax dollars to those who refuse to do for themselves. Coons backs the Nanny State!

    Newark Senior Center – Coons doles out our money to the AARP. Coons wants to use Obamacare to kill grandma!

    Excellent work, Collier! Excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. paulcollier says:

    Ask the Delaware Voters if they like their tax dollars going to fund these ‘essential’ hand outs and the tune of $300,000 a year, while Coons slashes jobs and jacks up taxes..If he wants to donate to these worthy causes, don’t spend tax dollars at a time when he’s hiking taxes and cutting jobs…….

  11. Mike S says:

    O’Donell used campaign funds to pay her rent and other personal bills. Coons made charitable contributions.

    Your selective outrage is very telling.

  12. Mark says:


    These are not “worthy causes” as you claim. These are examples of the communist-socialist-fascist-Marxist nanny state in which Coons wants to trap us Real Americans.

    I thought you were one of “us”. With that “worthy causes” line, are you some kind of RINO?

  13. paulcollier says:

    an individual donating to some of these causes is ‘worthy’, but county govt using your tax dollars to contribute to these causes is NOT worthy in any way shape or form

  14. paulcollier says:

    O’Donnell used her home as a campaign HQ- this is standard practice- Coons used TAX DOLLARS to make ‘charitable’ contributions as he RAISED taxes, AND slashed government serivces..My “selective” outrage reflects my hatred of government control, excessive taxation used to fund the Political Class’ ‘pet’ projects (not trying to take away from Harry Reid and his claim of ‘pet’ on Coons)


    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  16. BobC562 says:

    Such a fund exists because it’s designed to help support local events. There’s complete transparency, there’s no slushing, and it’s a common practice among governmental entites in order to support the constituencies they serve. You’re just pissed because you failed to fact check and you look like a fool for your mistake. So tell me, exactly, what facts do you have that this money would have stopped one layoff, or prop up any cut services? Back up your blather with some facts.

  17. BobC562 says:


  18. paulcollier says:

    Is it common practice to use $300,000 a year at the county level to give ‘donations’ to ‘worthy’ charities at a time when the same government is slashing jobs, raising taxes, and cutting services? The facts are that this type of fund is representative of the sense of entitlement the political class has, in general, and is endemic of both the left and the so-called right (republicans who act like statists).

  19. paulcollier says:

    this type of ‘satire’ is the same type of satire snl uses..and it reveals your liberal sense of entitlement that government needs to be the one that sees to alll our needs, wipes our proverbial behinds, and sees to it that our tax dollars go to the ‘worthy’ causes chris coons and his elitist cronies deem ‘worthy’

  20. paulcollier says:

    So you think that pretending to be a conservative, and saying ‘conservative’, dripping-with-hate sarcastic things in your last post that I or any of our freedom-centric readers would buy you, the liberal in love with government nannyism, as ‘one of us’? Hah!

  21. paulcollier says:

    are the constituencies unions and fashion shows and abortion centers? are the constituents that have seen their property and sewage taxes jacked up happy to see their tax dollars pay for nice dinners for union goons? are the constituents that lost their jobs from chris coons slashing of government happy to see their salaries are not as important as spending $300,000 a year to these ‘constituency’ events? Only a fascist liberal would think such a fund, which has been challenged in the courts (we plan on covering this forthwith), is somehow a ‘normal’ part of government

  22. Podesta says:

    You are just plain wrong, Collier. Coons’ office bought 10 tickets to an awards banquet for at-risk youths. There is nothing ‘elitist’ about supporting poor children. Furthermore, the program was one that promoted abstaining from sex, something Right Wingers claim to be in favor of.

  23. paulcollier says:

    That wasnt Coons’ office, that was Delaware Tax payers that bought those tickets, and apparently $300,000 worth of other such acts of charity at the behest of County Government, ON the taxpayer dime, WHILE they got to see their property taxes raised and government services cut

  24. Mason says:

    Responding to your 9:12 post, the constituencies are not fashion shows, but they might be a group to help at risk kids:

    And you are avoiding the core problem here. Pretty much anyone that is not biased, and by that I mean unreasonably horribly insanely biased, would look at the document you posted and see there was something wrong. It’s obviously a case of someone scanning a document with text recognition software that mistook the $ for 5, which is especially apparent since one line item costs ‘S1,000′. You are not being earnest, and in not apologizing and admitting your mistake, you are being sadly sadly dishonest.

  25. Mark says:


    You’re the one who called spending taxpayers’ dollars on these things examples of giving money to “worthy causes”. I didn’t type those words. A true, patriotic, Red State American who loves Ronald Reagan would never type such a thing.

    Just whose side are you on?

    Either you’re with us, Collier, or you’re a RINO or, worse, a CINO. Our side is filled with patriots who know that all tax dollars are bad tax dollars. Your side seems to be filled with those who would assign, coddle, and support “worthy causes” that threaten their very fiber of our nation of American Exceptionalism.

  26. paulcollier says:

    The top of our article acknowledges a mistake in the amount of money given to this ‘fashion show’- which is clearly what the budget line calls it- appears to have occured where the $ appears to have been turned to a 5. It appears to have happpened at multiple listings as well. What is not disputed is that New Castle County has a Contingency Fund of $300,000 a year to give to the charitable causes the county executive deems is ‘worthy’… a time when the budget was tanking.

  27. paulcollier says:

    This will be the last comment I will allow to go through for you. It is important our audience sees what leftists do, posing as idiotic conservatives, aping the values and ideas they think conservatives have, like stating that “all tax dollars are bad dollars”. Such hyperbole might seem like a witty, subtle turn of the screw, but, in fact, shows to our audience who you, in fact, really are. I do appreciate the attempt at the dialectic, using our ‘values’ to ridicule us as you pose as ‘one of of us’.

  28. Danny says:

    No, No, No. Now why would anyone attempt speaking facts with a child stamping his foot, scrunching up his face, and yelling “he did so!
    Like you would with any 4 year old caught in the wrong and screaming, stand him in the corner and ignore him until the sulks go way. What a waste of bandwidth.

  29. paulcollier says:

    Your comment is a bit befuddling. Are you trying to imply that we somehow still state that Chris Coons spent $53k on a fashion show instead of $3k OR WORSE that we intentionally made up numbers knowing they could easily be checked for veracity? If you read the top of the article, you will find a statement that clarifies he spent $3K and not $53K. It does appear that some typographical error produced a 5 instead of a $, but not one that was intentional from whoever created the error (which we are still trying to track down).
    Perhaps your Utopian govt gives charitable contributions to ‘worthy causes’ amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars from a ‘contingency’ fund during a time when taxes are being raised and jobs are being slashed to save a crashing budget, but common sense Americans don’t do that with their own households when they face bankruptcy, as New Castle County came close to experiencing.

  30. James M says:

    Now this is a genius move. You can’t answer the points brought up so instead you just won’t answer at all. And censor those troublesome points while your at it. Moral courage is in short supply around here…

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